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testimonials continue

Hi John:

        Got back to New York late yesterday only to find weather in the 50's. So I'm already thinking of tarpon fishing next spring.

        Had a great time with you and told that to Paul who was pleased that we had action despite the wind and all. If I remember correctly, you suggested that the best time of year to fish tarpon is late May/early June rather than April/May. I will try that next year if the family visit in West Palm Beach can be arranged in that time frame.

        So stay in touch John and I'll do the same. Will likely get plans finalized with the family by late winter so you can make room for me on your calendar. Good luck to you and your family. Your a great guide John and I really enjoy your company.

        Many thanks, Tom


I sent you 3 different emails with 5 to 8 pictures each.  Just wanted to check and see if you received them.  I sent pictures from last year and this year.  Let me know.
Really enjoyed fishing with you and look forward to next trip.
Darryl Wagner

Thanks, Capt. John,                                                                                                                                
Thanks for the great time we really had a good time fishing with you. I wish we had fished the rest of our days with you.

Clay Harrison

Hows it going Captain?
Hoping you and yours are well. I expect its even hotter in the Keys than when Ade and me where there back at the begining of June.
A huge thankyou for making a dream come true.Your generousity and patience made a good experiance truely amazing.
The fantastic fishing experiances we had with you catching those 3 monster Tarpon will stay with me forever. Havent stoped taking about it yet, envy of my fishing mates back here in Portland,UK. I dont like to brag about it, Yeah Right. Hoping to get back next year and catch one over the 150 lb.

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